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World Day for Inner Peace, Melbourne

An evening of music and meditation will be held in Northcote, Melbourne. Time: Friday, 20 March 2015, 7.30 pm Venue: Northcote Town Hall First Floor, Room 2 189 High Street Northcote, Melbourne (Google map) The state of meditation is a universal experience, and it has been written about and celebrated in many cultures throughout history.…
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Flute music – Raag Durga

This is a video of Nicolas Buff, a Sahaja Yogi practitioner from Melbourne who is mastering a number of instruments and music styles. Nic spent time at the Shri P.K.Salve Kala Pratishthan music academy which is a place where the students can excel in the field of art and spirituality. In this video, Nic is…
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The ‘Information Field’

This is a nice story on the meaning of Self Realisation. The conversation was about the higher state of awareness experienced by someone before starting Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Here is the story: On a bus in Italy, a Sahaja Yogi met with a lady who has been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation for the last nine…
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If you could imagine, a small stream, somewhere, lost in the high green, lush hills, out of sight. And only by chance, a decision was made to find out that… that sound, that sense, that there was something, something of a nourishment, somewhere. After being lead here and there and all over, I sat… I…
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Great rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluyah from a group of Sahaja Yogis in Austria.  

Enlightened Art from Victoria

Janie Frith is a talented artist living in Victoria. The paintings presented here are examples of her recent work and result from a visit to the beautiful Wilsons Promontory near where she lives. The colours, patterns and layering of sand, rocks, bush and trees and nature’s moulding and shaping of the environment provide an endless…
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Melbourne meditation workshop

We’re pleased to invite you to our next meditation workshop. The theme is Discover your inner balance. It’s a day to find peace within, to experience an awareness you probably never knew existed. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a regular, we hope you’ll join us. The atmosphere is amazing when we all meditate together. Never meditated…
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