Enlightened Art from Victoria

Enlightened Art from Victoria

Janie Frith is a talented artist living in Victoria. The paintings presented here are examples of her recent work and result from a visit to the beautiful Wilsons Promontory near where she lives.

Jane Frith

Wilsons Promontory Victoria by Jane Frith

The colours, patterns and layering of sand, rocks, bush and trees and nature’s moulding and shaping of the environment provide an endless source for her inspiration.

Janie in her own words…

“I always loved to draw and paint as a child and with a mother who let her children choose whatever path we wished, I was able to pursue my interest in art.

This led to studying art at tertiary level and then going on to teach for over 20 years. Motivating others and unlocking their creativity was a great occupation, but it became important for me to create my own work.

When I started to express my own creativity, I developed a great sense of satisfaction and inward peace. When I paint I truly feel that state of thoughtless awareness that is referred to in Sahaja Yoga teaching – when you are aware of everything around you, but not thinking!

Meditative and gentle paintings that celebrate nature have been the focus of my work rather than to aggravate or challenge viewers.

Over the years my exhibitions have been of the local environment, tidal coastal shorelines with small boats resting on them. The rhythm and flow of the tide and ever changing light provide a constant source of inspiration.

Being close to nature helps to soothe our senses, and by directing our attention on natural things our hearts open.”

“Artists have to raise the public eye to their standards of taste and not stoop down to the cheap demands of the public, thus surrendering their freedom.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi