If you could imagine, a small stream, somewhere, lost in the high green, lush hills, out of sight. And only by chance, a decision was made to find out that… that sound, that sense, that there was something, something of a nourishment, somewhere. After being lead here and there and all over, I sat… I sat down with a …not a bitterness…but a …surrender.

InspirationThen what I found, what I found was right under my nose, right before me, this clear pure water, springing from the lush green hills; just a trickle. I knelt down, bent my head, opened my hands and pressed the coolness to my face. This was the quenching waters, so pure…so I drank. Raising my head I saw that this little trickle flowed, so I followed.

What I soon realized is that the trickle had turned into a stream, the stream had turned into a flow and now the flow parted further and further the two sides of the banks and all I saw was a torrent of water leading to the sea. I stood, I looked for a moment, I hesitated and looked back from where I had come. I no longer recognized the land and only a distant memory of a time before remained. Time lingered as I remained there.

OceanThe shade of a tree covered my back, so I sat for a while and gazed at the green leaves blowing in the wind. The sun was hot and the leaves did soon brown and fall from the tree, so I to was left to the shadeless tree with the sun burning my neck. I stood and walked to the water. The rushing purity, the crystal clear beauty, the freshness of the mist rising from the surging flow. I was lost in its beauty. My heart rose to my head and enveloped all my thoughts, all my desire, all of my doubt, and I merged full with the flowing river, headed toward the ocean.

All is pure. All is light. All is!

Author: A Melbourne Sahaja Yogi