Month: December 2020

‘Grihalakshmi’ A movie of an awakening for a peaceful home, Sunday 27th Dec 2020

FREE MEDITATION: Sisters Sheetal and Samaira are caught in a cycle of envy, often quarrelling. Life seems tough and chaotic. Amid the chaos, they get on a journey of spirituality and meditation, which helps them manage their lives better.http://dlvr.it/Rp9m19

India & China – Awakening meditation & music, Sat 26th Dec 2020

FREE MEDITATION: Self Realisation has enabled Sanjay Talwar to compose and sing his enchanting Indian light classical and traditional music to accompany the meditation experience.http://dlvr.it/Rp9lKC

China & Australia – Lovely sunshine of meditation & music, Sat 19th Dec 2020

FREE MEDITATION: The Perth music group hopes to bring some rays of sunshine from summer in Australia to winter in China. Hosted by the ‘Nirmala Art Salon Without Frontiers’.http://dlvr.it/Rnk6CR

China & Australia – Inner Peace Meditation & Music, Sat 12th Dec 2020

FREE MEDITATION: Dr. Sadanand performs classical Indian music from Perth Australia during a live meditation session hosted by the ‘Nirmala Art Salon Without Frontiers’ in Beijing China.http://dlvr.it/RnFsDx