Month: February 2021

Morning meditations return to Scarborough Beach in Perth

FREE MEDITATION: Experience the benefits of this truly natural approach and enjoy some time at the beach afterwards. For all ages and no previous experience required.http://dlvr.it/Rsx2Xg

Advanced Meditation Workshop Sunday 28th February 2021 (60mins north of Brisbane)

FREE MEDITATION: For those who have previously attended Sahaja Yoga classes, and who would like to go deeper in their meditation, knowledge and understanding.http://dlvr.it/RsnpP8

Webcasts topics 15 – 21 February 2021 and 8 minute meditation with music and mantras

FREE MEDITATION: Selection of this week’s webcasts plus an 8 minute meditation with beautiful music and mantras for a more peaceful and quiet meditation.http://dlvr.it/RsjPrh

Meditation in Darwin – February 2021

FREE MEDITATION: Stress relief • Inner peace • Holistic health benefit. Introduction to meditation and the subtle system (for newcomers). Vibratory awareness of the chakras. Join in at anytime,http://dlvr.it/Rrl1dL