Month: May 2021

Celebrating World Environment Day – 5th June 2021

FREE MEDITATION: A day of Meditations, Music, Talks & Videos in honour of Mother Earth. Awaken your unique inner connection to Mother Earth.http://dlvr.it/S0GgkC

Using Nature for balancing and clearing – Sunday 30th May 2021, – Wamuran Centre (60mins north of Brisbane)

FREE MEDITATION: Continuing our series of using the elements of Nature for balancing and clearing ourselves. Includes how to use the Earth element, with a recap about the fire element.http://dlvr.it/S05Flz

A Mother for All – Meditation, Music and Exhibition

FREE MEDITATION: In honour of our teacher and founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who devoted her life to the ongoing process of human transformation through her meditation movement.http://dlvr.it/RzwjT2

Tamworth NSW classes – Saturday 15th May 2021

FREE MEDITATION: Stress relief • Inner peace • Holistic health benefit. Introduction to meditation and the subtle system (for newcomers). Vibratory awareness of the chakras. Join in at anytime,http://dlvr.it/RzcHMk

Music & Meditation in Brisbane – Saturday 15th May 2021

FREE MEDITATION: A evening of music and meditation in honour of Shri Mataji and to celebrate 40 Years of her Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Australia.http://dlvr.it/Rzc95S

Meditate Now Online

FREE MEDITATION: Meditate Now is free, and with a few simple clicks, connects you in real time to our experienced volunteer meditators who are dedicated to help you.http://dlvr.it/RzDMtM