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What is the Spirit? – Live on Zoom 9th June 2020

FREE MEDITATION: How do we feel our spirit inside us.http://dlvr.it/RYFV1d

Our powers after Realisation – Live on Zoom 8th June 2020

FREE MEDITATION: How to develop our powers and what are the powers of the spirit?http://dlvr.it/RYC0Nd

What is Thoughtless Awareness? – Live on Zoom 8th June 2020

FREE MEDITATION: Overcoming the reactions of the mind with your attention.http://dlvr.it/RYBl4p

Using Light for Balancing & Clearing – Live on YouTube 7th June 2020

FREE MEDITATION: Meditation practitioners discuss and demonstrate the use of the light element (with candles) to improve the depth of meditation.http://dlvr.it/RY7x9g

What are we Inside? – Live on Zoom 7th June 2020

FREE MEDITATION: Know your vibrations and discover your true self.http://dlvr.it/RY7LH6

What is Collective Consciousness? – Live on Zoom 6th June 2020

FREE MEDITATION: How do we develop our collective consciousness.http://dlvr.it/RY4pLb

World Yoga Day June 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation celebrates World Yoga Day Australia Wide during June 2019 Real Yoga is the spiritual union attained through Self Realisation and Meditation (see Event locations below) “So this is your birthright. All human beings have this right to get the awakening of their Kundalini by which they become one with the Divine Power.…
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The ‘Information Field’

This is a nice story on the meaning of Self Realisation. The conversation was about the higher state of awareness experienced by someone before starting Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Here is the story: On a bus in Italy, a Sahaja Yogi met with a lady who has been practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation for the last nine…
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Melbourne meditation workshop

We’re pleased to invite you to our next meditation workshop. The theme is Discover your inner balance. It’s a day to find peace within, to experience an awareness you probably never knew existed. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a regular, we hope you’ll join us. The atmosphere is amazing when we all meditate together. Never meditated…
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